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Future Woods Podcast

I was invited by Emma, Nick and Tom of the Future Woods Podcast to speak about agroforestry design and the need for more collaboration between farmers and foresters.

Emma and I discussed trees on farms and various approaches to incorporating trees and woodlands, including what to think about when getting started with creating an agroforestry plan for your own land.

Listen below or on your mobile device via spotify:

Future Woods aims to take an inspirational look at UK woodlands. The podcast asks questions such as: how do we manage our trees and woods in the best possible way? How do we make money from our trees? How do I get into forestry? Where do I go for training? What kit do I need and how do I fund it? What is the environmental impact of cutting down or planting trees? They share techniques, experiences, and stories from across the UK, from small scale to commercial enterprises. Future Woods is brought to you by the people at Working Woodlands Cornwall – regenerative forestry specialists.

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