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How many people does it take to plant a tree?

From seed or cutting to the satisfaction of planting a tree in the ground, it takes far more than one person to plant a tree. So how can anyone really claim to have planted one, let alone hundred or a thousand?

Photo credit: James Mountain | FarmED
Photo credit: James Mountain | FarmED

It is of course possible to collect your own seed and nurture a seedling right through to a mature tree. However, for many tree planting is a beautiful example of the culmination of many hands’ work.

The counter on my website tracks the number of trees I have been involved with planting, and a full log is detailed below. Yet I could not have achieved this without willing landowners, tree nurseries and sales people, delivery people, breeders and researchers, generous funders, fencing producers and suppliers, local community volunteers, contractors and countless other hands.

To plant a tree is not an individual act but a collective one.

We plant trees and we do so for the benefit of all beings.

Tree planting log – last updated 28th July 2022

DateLocation & Agroforestry TypeNumber of trees
March 2017Buckinghamshire / 0.25 acre Forest Garden10
November 2021Oxfordshire / Silvoarable & silvopasture Alleys2000
December 2021Oxfordshire / Silvohorticulture Alleys270
January 2022 Oxfordshire / Optimised Shelterbelts (OSB)7500
February 2022Oxfordshire / Hybrid Willow & Popular Alleys400
January 2023Shropshire / Silvopasture fruit tree Alleys104
November 2024Northamptonshire / Silvoarable Walnut Alleys5375